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Super Street Fighter IV

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RoK the Reaper

RoK the Reaper
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Super Street Fighter IV Super_StreetFighterIV_logo_thumb001

I'll be posting a review the first or second day after I get this game to give my opinion on it thus far. So be looking for that very soon after the game debuts. (April 27th, 2010).

Today I'm going to be talking about the latest entry into the Street Fighter series, the next installment of Street Fighter IV, SUPER Street Fighter IV. This game is going to retail at $40 and will be an expansion for the original game. So far what we know about it, it holds three new modes (Replay Channel, "Endless Battle" [Lobby System], and Classic Arcade extras like Break the Car and Destroy the barrels). All-in-all, it created add-ons that were too big for DLC (Downloadable content).

Though, let's get what makes Super so exciting. Super Street Fighter IV is exciting because it adds 10 new character to the original Street Fighter IV, 8 returning, and 2 brand new. The returning characters are Adon, representing Street Fighter 1. T-Hawk and Deejay making up the rest of the Super Street Fighter II cast. Cody and Guy are additions from the Street Fighter Alpha series, and finally Ibuki, Dudley, and Makoto represent Street Fighter III. All-in-all, it's a clash of all the games on a field.

What's different than Street Fighter IV, it's suppose to be more "offensive". This is because the Focus attacks, both offensive and defensive, are suppose to be better, faster. And have more "Frame advantage" (When someone blocks something, you still have the upper hand) on block. Also, new Ultras for everyone have been introduced, taking everyone from one Ultra to two, both selectable like the "Super Arts" in Street Fighter III, third strike. Balances changes have also occurred, mostly in bringing up weaker people while limiting some of the options of the higher tiers while also keeping their playstyle intact. Such as, Sagat low kick dealing two hits, as well as him needing to use "Angry Scar" to power up his Tiger Uppercut. Ryu lost his bread n' butter Ultra setup in terms of damage, Shoryuken FADC (Focus Attack Dash Cancel) Into Metsu Hadoken, and even nerfed Zangief's Lariat. Overall, it gives everyone a near even battlefield.

Something that has bolstered concerns however, are the new characters. They seem to have a lot more tools than the returning cast of Street Fighter IV. Dudley is supposedly going to be the best character and new "Sagat" of the game, Juri has amazing pressures, Cody is going to be the "new Ken" online and it appears that Ibuki is another form of C.Viper, only better. No idea what will happen, but I will be getting the game. Any severe imbalances, Capcom said that DLC can be used to rebalance and patch, but they didn't do this with Street Fighter IV, so everyone is still a bit "iffy" on whether or not they will do it, but it's looking good so far and I am hype!


If this is going to be your first time picking up Street Fighter, or your first major time on any fighting game period, this game will be a good start. You'll be a bit behind cause people have been playing this since Street Fighter IV "vanilla" came out, but it's still a good game to pick up and play. At first, the game might seem like it's dominated by projectile throwing individuals and that the game is spamtacular and unappealing, but give it a try, you might come to find you actually like it.

For instance. I first bought Street Fighter IV and was upset cause I wasn't winning and I thought that it was nothing but a spam fest and was stupid. However, I bought an Arcade stick when I began to play BlazBlue, and thought I'd pick up Street Fighter again, the same things kept happenings. I watched tournaments, read advice and observed what it was. It was a chess game. You can't just win by spamming, cause I have beat many a spammer and many random "scrubs". It makes a difference what are you trying to do. Are you trying to throw a fireball to get me in your optimal range? Or are you throwing a fireball cause I'm fall away from you? You have to understand how things work, and pick a character you have fun with.

I picked Cammy White, and I'm a big fan of her. I like her story, or her look and play style. Chances are, you will like one of the cast members of Street Fighter. So, just give it a try if you're even somewhat interested; you won't be disappointed.

[Gameplay and more information]

Here are a few choice favorite game play videos as well as links to places that update their information quite frankly, about Street Fighter and Capcom in general.

Balrog vs Dudley

Juri vs Ibuki

Makoto, Dudley, Ibuki debut trailer

New Multiplayer Features

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How much do you think they will give me if I turn in the current Street Fighter 4 I have? I really hate to pay 40 bucks, hopefully they give me half.

RoK the Reaper

Post on Sat Apr 10, 2010 3:50 pm by RoK the Reaper

Key of Destiny wrote:How much do you think they will give me if I turn in the current Street Fighter 4 I have? I really hate to pay 40 bucks, hopefully they give me half.

At the MOST if you do have a gamestop membership card, I'm guessing no more than 5 or 6 dollars for this game, maybe $7-10 if you're lucky.

Oh my gosh, better save up then.

Great preview!

RoK the Reaper

Post on Sat Apr 10, 2010 3:55 pm by RoK the Reaper

Thanks! I just got back home so I'll be reading that Heavy Rain preview in a second! Thanks. :D

Lucy likes Milk

Post on Wed Apr 14, 2010 11:13 am by Lucy likes Milk

Ohh, I love Street Fighter! Can't wait for this.
Do you know when the release dates are? Particularly for europe, cos' I live in the UK. (Like Cammy! lol)

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