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Blog !( of Hiroko

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GAH It's been a long time since I logged in (and there aren't many posts on the forum, either)! I still love you all. ;_;

Finals - and school for the remainder of this year - have been completed for me, and I finally back home. I love being back. :D

I have been playing emulators as of late - The Legend of Dragoon on my PSXeven to be specific - but I know that my mom got me my own personal Wii for Christmas. Shocked Will I be playing more Brawl, Zelda, and other random games? Oh, yes. The Wii as it stands now has basically been usurped by my baby sister, and with its Brawl issues, that might be the best place for it. My other sister really only plays the XBox anymore, but I want to pick up my Wii Remote again and play Wii games. (And Gamecube games--my Dolphin emu sucks.)

So, yeah. How is everyone? How is activity? We need to liven things up again. I love you

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