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[PS3] Heavy Rain Review [By Roxy]

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Alright, first game review, let's go~

[PS3] Heavy Rain Review [By Roxy] 20100112090214!Heavy_Rain_Cover_Art

Console: PS3
Developed By: Quantic Dream
Published By: Sony Computer Entertainment

Gameplay: 9/10
Story: 10/10
Characters: 9.5/10
Graphics: 10/10
Music: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Gameplay: Heavy Rain is an Interactive Drama based game. Set in (what seems to be New York?), there have been a series of killings of young boys during the rainy season, in which the bodies of the victims have been found to be drowned (always 3 days after abduction), and a piece of origami set on top of them (earning the serial killer, the nickname "Origami Killer").

Players take control of 4 very different people, who seem to have nothing in common:
Ethan Mars (an architect), Madison Page (photojournalist), Norman Jayden (FBI Agent), and Scott Shelby (private investigator). Each somehow drawn to one another by the Origami Killer.

Taking the route of Quantic Dream's Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain implements a series of button prompts, motion controls, "quick time events", and a series of "thoughts", instead of traditional gameplay, such as investigating an item, taking aim with a gun, or healing yourself (though if you mess up your actions in a "quick time event", the consequence could be death). Due to this, the game can seem boring, and alot more of an interactive movie, but this is what was aimed for.
Unlike most games, where you would receive a simple game over screen, in which you would click retry, Heavy Rain emphasizes that this isnt some sci-fi adventure, or fantasy land, and based upon your actions, the people you play as can die, and the story will still continue with the remaining characters. Based upon how you interact with characters, whether its killing them, or choosing what actions they take, will effect the games outcome and story. Score: 9/10

Story: 2 years after failing in saving his son Jason from an oncoming car, Ethan Mars finds himself in the danger of losing his other son Shaun. After a day at the park with Shaun, Ethan falls into blackout (which Ethan seems to suffer from, along with depression and fear of crows, from losing Jason), and comes to his senses hours later in the streets. When he rushes back to the park, he realises that his son is gone, and reports Shaun missing at the police station, where FBI agent Norman Jayden has started working on the Origami Killer case. Shortly after reporting his son missing, Ethan is contacted by the "Origami Killer", and is given a series of tasks to complete, if he wants to save his son. It's during this time that he meets up with Madison Page at a motel that he is staying at. When asked why she's staying at the motel, Madison replys that she "suffers from insomnia, and finds that motels help her sleep". Ethan encounters Madison multiple times at the motel, each time coming back half dead from the tasks the "Origami Killer" has put him through.
The only "main character" not seen to interact with the other "main characters" is Scott Shelby, who during this time, is hired by a family of one of the victims, and is interviewing the other families of the victims, and trying to gather evidence that will lead him to the "Origami killer". During this time (depending on what actions you take in the game), he is joined by Lauren Winter (mother of one of the victims), and both work together to find the killer.

From what I've played and wrote, I am very pleased with the story. Not only is it incredibly written, but the way the story unfolds, the way characters develop, and the way major plot twists are executed, are what really set it apart from anything else in its genre, and video games period. Score: 10/10

Characters: The cast of the 4 main characters include Ethan Mars, Madison Page, Norman Jayden, and Scott Shelby. The 2 supporting Characters include Carter Blake, and Lauren Winter

Ethan Mars: Ethan Mars is portrayed as a typical American father in the beginning of the game. Having a wife and 2 kids, a nice house, and well paying job makes him seem to be just one of the norm. However throughout the game, it is blatantly clear that he isn't just like everyone else, after losing his first son Jason, Ethan makes sure that he saves Shaun, and in doing so plays through a serial killers trials, pushing him not just physically and mentally, but also pushing on his humanity, and just how far he is willing to go to save someone he loves.

Madison Page: Madison Page is portrayed as a woman of the new generation; strong, determined, and intelligent, she pursues the story of the "Origami Killer", and in doing so aids Ethan Mars in finding his lost son. Her intentions at first are to only further her story, as she looks for Shaun Mars, but as the game progresses, it is clear that she starts to become romantically interested in Ethan.

Norman Jayden: Norman Jayden plays the roll of an FBI agent who seems "new to the game", but is definitely not to be taken lightly. Extremely Intelligent and clever, Jayden is one to find the clues hidden within the clues, which lead him to figure out the identity of the "Origami Killer", before anyone else. Jayden is supported by Carter Blake (a veteran police detective), where whatever Jayden thinks and does, Carter does the opposite. Both clash with each other throughout the story, where jayden is calm to collect answers, Carter is rash and would rather shoot. These 2 bring the "good cop, bad cop" routine to the game.

]Scott Shelby: Scott Shelby plays the roll of the kindhearted, benevolent older man. Through his many years of being a Private Investigator, Scott Shelby has seen it all. Quick to react to anyone in trouble, he finds himself in many dangerous situations, which risk his life, and those around him. Though he at times seems overly sensitive to the plights of his fellow man, Scott Shelby is stubborn and focused on what needs to do, and will make sure that his job is done. Scott Shelby is supported by Lauren Winter (the mother of one of the victims), Scott and Lauren work together towards the same goal, finding the "Origami Killer". This duo is the complete parallel to Jayden and Blake. Score: 9.5/10

Graphics: The graphics of Heavy Rain are by far one of the best of this generation, everyone in the game appears to be an actual person. The attention to detail and imagery of the game really brings you in. Where as the early parts of the game were bright and filled with sunshine (suggesting a more carefree and pure part of the game), the later parts are dark and filled with an ominous perpetual rain (suggesting a more serious part of the game).
Score: 10/10

Music: The music of the game was phenomenal and suited the game perfectly. The entire soundtrack of the game consists of orchestrated music, which really sets the mood of many of the games serious events, giving it the sense that you're watching a high budget, full feature movie. Overall, the music really draws you in, and keeps you there for the entire ride. There wont be one time where you're not waiting for the next set to start up.
Score 10/10

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Post on Sat Apr 03, 2010 3:21 pm by Riot

I wanted to get this game but went with FFXIII for now.
Roxy, you have a PStriple?


Post on Sat Apr 03, 2010 3:23 pm by DynaDASH

You got me seriously interested in this game, Roxy.

Sadly, none of my friends are interested in a game like that, and I do not own a PS3.


Post on Sat Apr 03, 2010 7:14 pm by Crisis

Thanks for the feedback Riot and Dyna, anymore would be greatly appreciated ^^

@Riot, no i do not, I played it off of my friends.

@Dyna, I'm sorry to hear =[ It really is a great game.

I should rent this game and see if I like it, I'm not sure if I'll be into the gameplay. (Love how the game continues even though you die) Great review!

RoK the Reaper

Post on Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:01 pm by RoK the Reaper

This was a good review for the game. Seems as though they're all connected by the Killer in some way, though, the game does seem to be interactive movie like, as you said. By the review of the game it's not something I would be interactive in as it's slow paced, and my friend said he wouldn't think I would like this game cause I'm what he calls a "ADHD" gamer, because I love things that are fast pace and have over dramatic effects, such as Bayonetta.

Though, it seems that he will really like this game. It seems to get more into your mind than anything. Excellent review, I'll tell him about it now

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