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If you "like" this blog, I will confess my very first impression of you when we first met (:

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Just how the description says.
I will update my first post with impressions of people.

When I first met you, on AllisBrawl if I remember correctly, I thought you were really smart and organized. I remember when we had meetings you always wanted to help me out typing down what went on in the meeting. You were very responsible and overall good at this type of thing! ahaha! I can't really remember anytime me being angry at you, honest. This is why I chose you as Admin, your qualities really stand out! You are weird too, like me! I really appreciate all the help you've given to this site Katie!

You are still rocking it out, Yodster style!

When I first met you on Friendcodes, I honestly didn't like you at all, Lulz. We had arguments back and forth, and I remember one of the huge ones, was on SoSiks page Lmao! Twas funny that moment as I look back, BUT look at where we are now!. We're like best buds!I don't remember the amount of years we've known each other, but it's been sometime !I think we got friendlier when I needed help on GIMP or something and you were helping me out. Kept showing off that rep bar lol! Haha, hope this friendship continues for a longer time! Razz

I remember meeting you, well not really meeting you. You lurked on our Portal chat, I wondered, "Who's that?" Then I asked and I got to know yah! I remember when I first played you, you really gave me a beating at Brawl, I really thought you were going to then be an arrogant Brawler, since majority of good players are complete show offs. But to my surprise you weren't AND I'm glad! Haha! You are a really chilled, laid-back person! Always in the lurking mode on the chat! I remember when you started the game "Truth or Truth!". That game was beasting! We had a blast with your crazy questions! You went for the action! Glad I met you Roxy!

Can't forget that interview! ASHLEE SMASH! XDDDDDDD
Something from FaceBook, "The question game always turns sexual after the first 5 minutes ." Roxy, lol

@Geno aka Guno
I think I met you through Misty, she raped, then she said something about you raping, and I was like, bring it! Lulz! I remember our crazy moments on the chat, from whacky names, like Darth Yodster and Darth Geno, twas fun! Also, like Roxy I thought you would be arrogant like, but you weren't. You are very quiet-like, I can't see you being angry really, good quality my boy! I can't forget the day you beat that clan all to yourself too! Haha! Goodtimes Geno!

Oh my gosh! Where do I start with you Jinx?! Haha! I remember meeting you as well on AllisBrawl! Man oh man, I never expected you! I remember, when I first met you, you weren't that crazy towards me, but slowly, that CrAaaAaaaZAaaaaY Jinx started to be noticed. From random bannings, cursing, whackyness, and weird Bowser fetishes , I knew this would be a roller coaster ride. I remember how that other girl clan talked bad about us, Psssssh, Jinx was furious (as I was too), but JINX, haha love yah! (Love you too qR members, not just Jinx) I really relate to Jinx A LOT, I'm telling you, Jinx reminds me of a younger me (forgot how old you are). Well, glad I got to meet you Jinx, you crazy bish lol.

Are we related? You are too similar to me! Razz

The Mario Kart lover! I remember when I met Alexa, the first impression I got was she is very quiet. I don't know why, she just seemed to me like a quiet person, lol. But, now I see she talks as much as anyone here. Boy, does Alexa like Mario Kart Wii or am I just losing it? She is really good at it, and I'm glad I put her in charge of the MK Wii section, shes hip, young, and dare I say it?! Mexican! She controls Queens of Mario Kart from down below in South America! Skills I say, skills. Can I add the fact she is another Kingdom Hearts lover and Final Fantasy lover? LETS GET ONE THING STRAIGHT ALEXA! Noctis, is mine... lol

When I first met you, it was also at AllisBrawl lulz (Is every member here from AllisBrawl?). I remember inviting you to join the clan, with the usual, "Hey I want to invite you to an all girls clan! Please come and join us!" I at first thought you were the type of girl that would act all-that, you know that member that every site has, that likes to cause problems lol. DON'T ASK ME WHY! I don't even know! I'm weird like that! But you weren't like that at all, you actually helped a lot with the Banners and Signatures for the clan, which I appreciate a lot! You are a very funny person that actually doesn't need to have grammar errors to be funny, lol. You are one of the few members here that acts most mature in my opinion, next to Zero Flare, I'm not calling the rest immature, just thats the way I see Mei, lol. I haven't Brawled you in who knows how long, but think you still got the Peach skills! May I add, you are really into Peach! From textures to Ultimecia, yes you made my favorite character bad-ass! I'm glad I got to meet you Mei!

When I first met you... I actually don't remember, lol. I'm stuck between AllisBrawl or here, I think it was AllisBrawl. You were always asking me to Brawl you because I was a Peach user, which got annoying and started ignoring you. Guys take a hint, if you keep asking... and no response... Later on you joined here and my first thought, oh no...lol. To my surprise, you were actually pretty fun to chat with and I enjoyed Brawling you a lot! You were really good at Brawl, especially one who uses Wiimote, I can't use that at all, I wouldn't even waste my batteries on that really lol. To my surprise, your really good at these movie nights, I wouldn't be able to handle the actual being there every Friday, but hey I made it to Robot Girl, it was a weird movie, but entertaining, I mean after that movie, I want a Metal-drilling bra! Glad you joined here and I got to talk to you more!

Right off the bat, I got the impression that Sam would be a really well-mannered person. She truly is, from her blog entries about being teased and really standing up for what she believes is a non-argumentative way, I wish I was like that. Sam is just one of those girls that you just can't really say anything bad of really. Even though Sam goes through many problems in her life, she really is strong, I know it! From your recent blog post, I can tell you that we're here for you Sam!

When I first met you, you were creepy, you still are. Don't worry, I do consider you one of my friends. You really helped me out in a bunch of occasions and you bought us our domain name! Woot! Thanks Riot!

I haven't really talked to you a lot. so I can't really say a lot, I guess you're ok, you go on and off from here soooo...yeah. Nice talking to yah!

Kcris, you are special, lol. You are a Monster Hunter Tri addict, but I still like you as a friend. Will your addiction ever fade or will it consume you into everlasting darkn....oops, got into my Ansem talking way. Kcris, Im really glad I met yah too, you really did help out in TRK too a lot! XD

I heardz you likez Mudkips? No I don't, so move on. XD Sumer you are a really great player and are really funny too! I've never seen you get angry, and thats a good thing! I just wish you visited us more often!

When I first met Misa, I thought she was going to be an emo kind person. To my surprise, shes got game! I tell yah, when I first Brawled her, her Marth was ok, but now it whoops me! I tell yah, Sumer, I hate you for training her! Misa is one of my best pals on here! <3

She rapes, nuff said!
MarthRape! <3
Sorry Sumer.

When I first met Hiroko, I always called her Hiroku. I still lol, when I think of that. I then learned it was Hiroko. She was really cool from the start, she helped me a lot on Friendcodes when QoB started. Thank you Ciera! <3

Shoot! Where do I start with Imma?! I remember meeting Imma and the first time I met her she was quiet, I was like Imma break her shyness. Then we got Imma to talk more, she was very talented at Brawl too! She whooped me with her Zelda most of the time! Super kick it gurrrrrrrl! I remember when she posted she was leaving because of boarding school, I was like noooooooo! I'm losing a great friend! Imma always miss you Imma! Im really glad you stop by and visit us Imma! Keep stopping by! <3

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*Liiiiiike* :3

me gusta : D

<3 ;D



lmao, I play mh3 as much as I play brawl and mario kart. And I get bored of games after a while so I probably wont be sucked into the darkness xD

Updated again

Also, if its scratched with a line through it, I dont like you

I didn't know about it before so I'm telling you that I like this blog now because it is honest and quite funny.

I love this blog ;D

*just realized your sig is screaming my name*
Told you would be screaming it later <3 ;D


oh dear @ kayzee's 1st impression


No problem whatsoever, old friend. <3

I remember that, too; I was all like, "Why can't she see the second 'o'?" XD

I know, I saw Hiroku. XDDDDDDDDDDDD

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